The major reasons to why a campaign has lowered the level of emails sent, are:

  • It stopped being competitivesolution: increase the Bid;
  • It has a high level of unsubscribes – Emailbidding worries about all the participants in the marketplace, this way even if a campaign has a good performance, a high level of unsubscribes will be harmful to the Publishers’ database(s). If this happens, the competitiveness Factor will decrease and the campaign will lose volume (or in worst cases even stop completely) – solution: change the segmentation and rethink the target audience.
  • Has been running for a long time – if a campaign is running for a long period of time with the same promotion, email kit and subject, then it will likely see a decrease of performance since the subscribers may be unhappy for receiving it continuously – solution: rethink the campaign’s duration strategy and change the email kit and subject in a more regular basis.