1. About Emailbidding

How the algorithm works

The Emailbidding defines the amount of emails sent based on the continuous optimisation of the subscribers’ micro-segments. Thus, it not only avoids duplicating messages to the same user but also assures a more assertive delivery of advertisement. The performance Factor is based on the opens, clicks, rate of unsubscribes, spam complaints and CPC bid, collected throughout the […]

How the bidding works

On Emailbidding’s Marketplace, campaigns compete between each other to win a subscriber within a common targeted audience. But what makes your campaign competitive? The Bid value is set by the Advertiser and stands for the cost per each subscriber who clicks on the campaign. You can define, at any time, the value you are willing to pay per […]

How Emailbidding works

1 – Emailbidding receives new campaign proposals from advertisers and performs a thorough process of evaluation with every campaign before its approval; 2 – After this verification, and if the campaign fulfills the standards required, a first test sending is performed using a limited number of subscribers (lift-off stage), based on the defined segments/targeting, for those Publishers’ databases who have accepted […]

What is Emailbidding

WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION Emailbidding is just like Adwords/Adsense(*) for Email Marketing! We are an email marketing advertising platform that automatically optimizes your campaigns. Emailbidding connects Advertisers and Publishers
 (data base owners), automating the sending process, optimizing and targeting an email marketing campaign to multiple databases. In a couple of minutes, the Advertiser is able to […]