3. Campaign creation

Uploading Images on Your Campaign

If you want to upload images to your campaign you just need to go through four simple steps. It’s super easy! 1st Step In your campaign, click twice where your image should appear correctly (1); 2nd Step A menu will pop-up. Select the “Upload” tab (2); 3rd Step Click on “Choose File” and select the image you want to upload (3); 4th Step Click on “Send […]

Understanding your Campaign Status

Your campaign can have different status. Find below the explanation for each one:   1. Draft This status means that your campaign has never been submitted. You can edit it and try everything you want. 2. Not Ready This status means that you have made changes to a campaign that is already running (or has been) and […]

Campaign Creation (4/4) – Advanced Setup

In the final stage of campaign creation you can track your campaign with Google Analytics in the Advanced Setup menu. Here you can enable the Analytics Tools Integration option and analyse your campaign performance. Also available is the Conversion Tracking, the Open Tracking and an option to add a Suppression List if you want. To […]

Adding Links To My Campaign

For a correct input of links/ email address in your image or text, you should first select the element you wish to have this element and then click the button with the Chain symbol (1). When the menu appears, you just need to write your URL, for example. Notice that you can’t write emails or any domains directly in […]

Creating A/B Testing and Multiversion

Our newest feature is the multiversion campaign, but what’s the difference between this and the A/B Testing? Multiversion “clones” an existing version, allowing you to keep copies of the initial version and switch between versions whenever you want – imagine you have an email kit or a subject line for weekdays and another one for […]

Campaign Creation (3/4) – Email Design

Step 4 That’s right, you’ve reached the part in which you will put your imagination to work! You can choose one of our templates among multiples themes available to customize as you like or you can make a campaign fully created by you. For doing that, you just need to click Choose Template (1) at the right hand side in […]

Getting My Campaign Approved after a Rejection

Your campaign can be rejected for several reasons. The most common one is that it simply contains something that needs to be reviewed. There are several reasons for a campaign rejection: External domains not inserted correctly; Unnecessary headers and/or footers; Images not correctly uploaded; Inappropriate and/or Abusive Content; Decontextualized Campaign Subject; Discrepant Content and Segmentation; […]

Changing My Campaign Status

The campaign status can be changed automatically (by the System) or manually (by the Advertiser): The Advertiser can, at any time, change the approved campaign status to one of the following conditions: Active, Paused and Archived. The system can also change the campaign status to one of the following: Pending Approval, Scheduled, Rejected, Finished and/or […]

Campaign Creation (2/4) – Targeting & Bidding

Step 3 – Targeting Now that you gave your campaign a fingerprint, you have to select the Audience to your campaign. The more interesting and relevant to the subscriber, higher the probability to occur opens and clicks! Setting up your Target Audience: Select the Age interval to reach; Select the Gender target; Select the Geography target; Step 4 – Bidding […]

Campaign Creation (1/4) – Basic Info

Creating a new campaign is easy! Just follow the following simple steps: Step 1 In the menu option Campaign choose New Campaign. Step 2 Fill in all the required information about your campaign in the Basic Info, so your campaign can have a fingerprint! Name; Client Name (for agencies only) or create a new one by clicking on “Create […]