4. Campaign performance

Boosting My Campaign Conversion

In order to improve your campaign conversion rate the first action to take is to analyze your email kit and your subject. If you want to change one or another the best way is to create new version with a new email kit and/or subject. To create a new version you just need to press the ” […]

Boosting My Campaign Performance

If your goal is to maximize your Open Rate the best thing to do is to work on a subject that the user can find interesting so that the subscriber is more likely to open your campaign. Avoid repetition, symbols, with reply at the beginning of the subject (“Re” or “Fw”), writing in Caps Lock and spam words. Other thing is to […]

Using My Campaign Statistics

With our statistics you will have full control on what is going on with your campaigns! Check it out to have real time data* about the number of emails delivered, open rate, clicks, CPC average, cost, etc. You can also select many filters such as the Action Period or Campaign Status by dimensions, campaign, list or day. Check the Detailed […]