Creating a new campaign is easy! Just follow the following simple steps:

Step 1

In the menu option Campaign choose New Campaign.


Step 2

Fill in all the required information about your campaign in the Basic Info, so your campaign can have a fingerprint!

  • Name;
  • Client Name (for agencies only) or create a new one by clicking on “Create Client”;
  • Schedule your campaign – Start Date and End Date;
  • Define the Country where you want to run the campaign;
  • On Primary Category, you can select where your campaign theme fits better;
  • The Secondary Category is a sub-level from the first one and is useful to be more precise in your campaign’s classification.
It is very important to choose the most adequate category. Your campaign will be sent to subscribers that have previously shown interest in content based on the category that you selected. A wrong classification may lead to disappointed subscribers.


NOTE – To edit your campaign, check the “edit” button on the “Campaign List” menu option. This screen is similar to the campaign creation step and gives you the opportunity to make adjustments in previously submitted campaigns.

To continue and learn more about Targeting/Segmentation and how to setup you Bid value, please read the following article: “Campaign Creation (2/4) – Targeting & Bidding