Step 3 – Targeting

Now that you gave your campaign a fingerprint, you have to select the Audience to your campaign.

The more interesting and relevant to the subscriber, higher the probability to occur opens and clicks!

Setting up your Target Audience:

  • Select the Age interval to reach;
  • Select the Gender target;
  • Select the Geography target;


Step 4 – Bidding

Let’s prepare your campaign to compete with the others:

Bid Advisor will help you finding a competitive bid value by showing you a bid range based on your targeting definitions.

Bidding in CPC (Cost-per-Click): Set the price for the cost of each Unique Click on your campaign.

Bidding in CPM (Cost-per-Mille or Cost-per-Thousand): Set the price for the cost per each 1000 sent emails.

Bid Value plays a huge role on your campaign’s performance (the quality of your email kit is also a strong element!).

Thus, never forget that a competitive bid will help you boosting the number of subscribers to whom your campaign is sent.

We always recommend to use a bid based on the bid that is suggested in real-time by the system, but it is totally up to you to decide.

Step 5 – Estimated Performance and Budget Definition

On this stage, it’s time to define your campaign’s budget and to adapt the estimated results to your expectations.

Define your campaign’s Budget or define it as Unlimited. (Remember that your budget can’t be lower than the country minimum budget)

Keep in mind that due to the nature of email marketing, events like opens and clicks may occur some days after the emails were sent. Those clicks will be charged even if your budget total value was already spent.

Unique Clicks will only be billable if they occur within 30 days counting from the date in which the campaign e-mail was sent.


The next step is to design your email kit! Check it out in “Campaign Creation (3/4) – Email Design