Our newest feature is the multiversion campaign, but what’s the difference between this and the A/B Testing?

Multiversion “clones” an existing version, allowing you to keep copies of the initial version and switch between versions whenever you want – imagine you have an email kit or a subject line for weekdays and another one for weekends: now you can easily switch and say which one you would like to be sent on the following day!

Multiversion shows several advantages: it can be used, per example, by agencies to easily test and send previews to their clients. It enables you to create and manage up to 4 different email versions – different email kit, subject and/or pre-header – without needing to create a whole new campaign! This feature can be used to make changes in the email kit without having to stop the campaign.

Please note that the only version that will run is the one that is defined as default and it is approved by our account managers.

Emailbidding’s A/B Testing uses the multiversion platform to allow you to run different versions simultaneously for the first three days of each campaign. If you have a new campaign, you’re given the chance to run a test, with up to 4 versions, to test which one works better near your audience. After these testing days, the winning campaign will be set as default (note that you can always manually switch to another version).

If you click on the Plus button (1) right next to the “A” button, a new version will be created by cloning the campaign that was previously selected.

HC_TestVersions_1 (1)

A/B Testing not activated! Only the multiversion version.

If you activate the A/B testing you will no longer be using the multiversion feature. To do this, click in the Settings button (2) where you can configure the test for each version.

You can choose to enable or disable the A/B test (3), select the default version, choose which version you want to test and submit or delete wherever you want.

Also you can see the status of each version and its final result!

HC_TestVersions_2 (1)

By using this feature, you will be able to test different email kits, subjects, headers and see which one works better so that you can get to know your target audience a little better!