Your campaign can be rejected for several reasons. The most common one is that it simply contains something that needs to be reviewed.

There are several reasons for a campaign rejection:

  • External domains not inserted correctly;
  • Unnecessary headers and/or footers;
  • Images not correctly uploaded;
  • Inappropriate and/or Abusive Content;
  • Decontextualized Campaign Subject;
  • Discrepant Content and Segmentation;
  • Disrespect for any of Terms & Conditions clause;
  • Inclusion of blacklisted domains;
  • Other touchstones you may find detailed on Emailbidding’s Terms and Conditions.

You can quickly check if there is any Warning by clicking in the exclamation mark button to check if there is any problem with the campaign’s email kit. If so, you must correct it and then Save and Submit the campaign.


When your campaign is rejected, you can find a a red balloon icon that you can click on to read the comment left by our team so that you can understand the reasons behind the campaign rejection.


If you don’t have any warning or you want more information about the rejection you can always talk with our support team by the Talk To Us Chat or by sending an email to – We will be glad to give you more information!