Step 4

That’s right, you’ve reached the part in which you will put your imagination to work!

You can choose one of our templates among multiples themes available to customize as you like or you can make a campaign fully created by you.

For doing that, you just need to click Choose Template (1) at the right hand side in the screen and then Browse Categories (2).


Pressing the “Source” button (3) you can see the HTML version of your campaign, that allows you to adjust it as you like – note that the platform will inform you if there’s something wrong with URL’s or domains present in your campaign which may block the subscriber from receiving your email correctly. You can switch between “Source” and “Email Design” view by clicking again on “Source” button.


Step 5

Another super important feature is the Plain Text button (4). This button allows the subscriber to see a message about your campaign in devices that for some reason can’t download images.

Tip! In the Plain Text you can write as much information as you like and offer a link to the landing page. This is mostly useful for subscribers that for some reason are not able to receive HTML emails.


Step 6

Now you need to present yourself to the subscriber! You have the button From and Subject (5) where you shall write the brand/company name being promoted in the campaign and the subject you wish for your email.

Note that giving misleading/wrong information in this field will lead your campaign to be rejected!

In the subject field you should be creative and direct, so that the subscriber understands right away what the campaign is all about! Otherwise, the subscriber will not open your campaign.


Every time you need to save changes just click the Save button (6) at your right hand side. Note that the Submit button will send your campaign to the approval stage, blocking it for editing. If you by any chance click on this button but realise that you would like to edit something else on the campaign, don’t worry, just send us an email or wait for this stage to end.


Step 7

And how do you check if everything is good to go? On the right of the save button you can find the Preview button (7) with the eye symbol. It will open a new browser page with the campaign preview with its final look where you’ll be able to test all the links.

You can also sending a campaign test to your email and see if everything works properly.


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To see how to configure Advanced Settings in your campaign check “Campaign Creation (4/4) – Advanced Setup