How-EB-Works (1)

1 – Emailbidding receives new campaign proposals from advertisers and performs a thorough process of evaluation with every campaign before its approval;

2 – After this verification, and if the campaign fulfills the standards required, a first test sending is performed using a limited number of subscribers (lift-off stage), based on the defined segments/targeting, for those Publishers’ databases who have accepted to run that specific campaign type.

3 – The metrics and statistics collected using this test will define the best public for the campaign, i.e., which subscriber profile suits the campaign the best. From this point on, the campaign will run against other campaigns which are competing for the same profile. This automatic process of campaign classification is known as “The Factor”. In short, the factor promotes the success of every campaign, independently of the submitted cost per click. 

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4 – The assigned factor becomes a sort of “floating ranking”, as the best score is defined according to its segment performance. Every campaign has different scores (factor) to different specific segments, allowing them to rank first on a segment, but not necessarily on others. This rank determines the sending priority.