The monthly consumption is obtained by the sum of all registered unique clicks per month multiplied by the CPC (Cost per Click) value. You can check your current situation on your “Statistics by Event Date” dashboard (What is the difference between Send Date and Event Date?).

We work with a pre-payment model*.

On the Billing Menu you can find your Balance – your current financial situation regarding the payments you’ve made and the costs you had. With the balance, you can find how much credit you have left to use on your campaigns.

Given the case where payment conditions are not known or the credit line is matched (or exceeded), the active campaigns will be paused until further payment.

*For power users, we work on a monthly basis (post-payment model), billing the account expenses at the end of each month. An invoice will be sent by email at the beginning of each month alongside with payment instructions. The payment shall be made via wire transfer within 30 days after the invoice has been sent.