Dashboard. Here you can see the summary of your campaigns and their recent activity.
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1. Happening Today allows you to check the current state of your campaigns;

2. Campaigns contains the totals regarding all campaigns stats;

3. Agency Billing summarizes your account’s most recent balance (balance, payments and total cost);

4. Notifications show an information alert every time you have a message from our team;

5. How To gives you the answers to frequently asked questions by our users;

6. This menu allows you to create a brand new campaign by clicking in New Campaign or just to access the already created campaigns by clicking in Campaign List;

7. Agency Management (only available for Agencies) shows your account details, with all your clients (different brands) and with personalized permission options;

8. In Statistics you can check the performance details for every campaign and choose between By Send Date, By Send Date and Detailed. This option is a powerful tool to enhance and adjust your campaign performance;

9. This option allows you to check, change or insert information in your Account Profile. In Account you can see in more detail messages sent and received;

10. In the top right corner a Help button is shown and also a Log Out button. In the first button you can access EmailBidding‘s knowledge base and FAQ.