The well-deserved Holidays season is finally here and if you haven’t prepared your Email Marketing Strategy for this absolutely crucial time for sales and conversion, then… you must catch up in no time. The good news is that we’ve searched for a solution to help you achieve just that. In this edition, you have a complete “ultimate” guide for your Holiday Email Marketing – and – 10 ways to freshen-up your Email Marketing using proven techniques.

It’s a lot to absorb, so take it slowly and use it as a checklist to better perform your email marketing strategy.

Ten ways to freshen-up your email marketing

10 Ways to Freshen-Up Your Email Marketing

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Through a very interesting Census Forum, were marketers and experts exchanged ideas and know-how, Jeff Rajeck highlighted some interesting tips for you to refresh your Email Marketing strategies. If you follow through these ideas, you can pretty much leverage up your results on all fields.

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The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing

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We’re getting used to have great resources and information from Campaign Monitor and this is just one of these times. At this article, Samantha Ferguson explores an ultimate guide to have your Holiday email marketing strategy covered. People who buys online are increasing every year, and since we’re reaching that time of the year where we all are almost obliged to buy something, you really must be on the front row of your potential customers. Don’t you think?

I believe this article is old but cold and will definitely help you in some way. So please, look below.

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Well, that’s it for today! Hope this will help you, or at least arouse your interest in emailmarketing. If it’s already the case, we will provide you more tips to feed this interest ! For instance, go check out examples of out-of-office replies for the holidays.

Have a great day and an awesome week!