It’s true, time flies. We nearly had time to analyse 2017, with all holiday’s craziness (that we hope you had too, in a good way).

But don’t worry. Our team had an intense brainstorm session about marketing trends we should all be aware of, and on this post we’ll sum it up in 5 easy tips to boost your new year’s digital strategy:

1. Go live and tell a story!

According to Invodo, mobile video views grow six times faster than desktop views. Actually, in Q4 of 2015 mobile views exceeded desktop views for the first time.

We now live in an age where video is more valued. In a time where Youtube has over 1 billion users and other social media channels are now betting on live video stream, like Facebook and Instagram, we must embrace this trend. However, don’t go wild with this tools. See it as a way to connect to your consumers, their needs and tastes. You should ask first “What would they like?”, “Does it add value to my digital strategy?”.

Add a great storytelling technique to your videos and you’ll see the benefits.

2. Careful with native and paid ads 

Let’s face it: nobody likes paid ads, specially those disturbing your reading  or that fantastic video. So, keep that in mind and don’t switch it off when planning next year. Consumers tend to be more wise in detecting what’s an ad and what’s really useful information.

As this Entrepeneur’s post recommends, including native advertising to your strategy means that you should look for other ways to promote your products or services in a larger narrative, reinforcing your added value to your readers or viewers.

3. Optimize your time and automate all your effort

This Ascend report shows that 91% of successful marketers are using marketing automation tools. From CRM to social media management, each and everyday these software have new updates, allowing you to optimize your time and effort. However, don’t go thinking this will substitute your marketer’s instincts. They’re needed to define guidelines with all the information these tools give and boost your business results.

This Forbe’s article compares different marketing automation tools, so that you can see what best suits your business strategy.

4. Be responsive

Let’s be honest: This should already be taken for granted, right? We all know that mobile devices are usually first priority for nowadays’s consumers. But not all of us are aware of this reality.

Just to better understand the idea, Generation Z (born between 1995-2000)is known for having a 8 second attention span, mostly because they have an inseparable friend: their phones. So, if you don’t take this in consideration, how can you grab their attention for 8 seconds?  *ironic LOL and emoji *

5. Email isn’t for hipsters

Ok, now we’re talking!

Who says it is this Content Marketing Institute’s  post. Companies are seizing email as a useful channel to interact, nurture and reach new audiences. Don’t go thinking that e-mail is overrated or is something people don’t read.

Here on Emailbidding we have awesome stories from our clients, just by sending the right email to the right subscriber. So, if you already have an email strategy, think about segmented and relevant content to nurture relationship with your audience. If you don’t, why don’t you try Emailbidding?

We’re kidding, but look at it as a way to promote a good user experience (with relevant content, blog posts if you have), instead of blasting with how good your products are.