We’ve found here that Ten awesome experts looked into their crystal balls to see what the future holds for email marketing and made some bold predictions.

We have put close to our hearts the 5th PredictionGet ready for insane personalization where Philip Storey from Enchant wrote:

2016 will be the year that email marketers start to take automation seriously. Until now, most have dabbled with low-scale automation across the most lucrative customer touchpoints and experiences – examples include cart abandonment emails and welcome messages.

Many marketers have found success through these simple automated campaigns, but there is so much more potential. Email marketers will know when they are heading in the right direction, as more of their time will be spent on automation, versus scheduled campaigns and email broadcasts.

Marketers will deliver insanely personal experiences

prediction-5 campaign monitor


What does this mean for consumers? Consumers demand a personalized and relevant experience across all channels – automation is by far, the most effective way to deliver this through email marketing.


In fact, this is what we already do on our daily basis and offer to our clients @ Emailbidding.