Remember when we told you that the best way to start your day was with us?  Well, it would sound a little presumptuous to say “I told you so”, but just check the photos and video below and you’ll confirm it!

Look at all these happy faces, right? And it wasn’t Friday yet!

In fact, all people involved were able to create a constructive atmosphere. It was clear that everyone was there for a reason: to share experiences and discover a modus operandi towards challenges in this digital era. The invited speakers didn’t limit their words to their presentations, but also to raise the debate at the Q&A moments.  There were no right answers, only experiences and opinions from great auto industry professionals.

We may not recognise these faces, but they are all related to well-known auto brands. Mercedes, Renault, Lexus, Grupo Auto-Industrial were some of the attendees at the event. (another told you so moment)
We can see Diana Nunes talking about digital transformations at SIVA Group. In her presentation, it was clear the need of investment in digital marketing. Moreover, it is crucial,in her opinion, for companies to adapt its human and finantial resources to the digital channels. The wide digital tools offer can improve marketing strategies effectiveness, allowing them to be at the forefront.

Sharing the same thoughts, Amaury d’Alès talked about digital marketing  opportunities and trends in France, based on his Emailbidding‘s experience. As he was explaining, a car’s buying process by itself requires far more steps than shopping a pair of jeans. However, the complexity degree has increased with new technologies, where sometimes online and offline don’t match. For example, if someone decides to schedule a test-drive based on a special email campaign, there’s no need for the salesman to talk about other models and leave the costumer even more confused and in the end he doesn’t convert. It is necessary, according to Amaury, to find a way of getting access to these leads and optimize them. How? Through embracing this digital transformation and give access to all company’s human resources.

Check the video below to see how did it all go:

Summing up, you have to start believing in us! Embrace your inner digital marketeer and let us help you!

Have an awesome week!