Oh holidays, that beautiful time of the year when the streets are shining with lights, our hearts melt easily with the idea of getting the family reunited and to share gifts …

Wait… Is it that time of the year again?

(5 more minutes of “Wow, time flies” and 10 more writing people’s gifts list)

This is the right time to buy gifts… Better said, this is the right time to promote your products/future gifts! We all know Black Friday (25th November 2016) an how its popularity (and madness) raised to a global phenomenon. According to Practical Ecommerce, more than 103 million customers spent more than 7.5 billion dollars online over Black Friday’s weekend, establishing new sales records.Great retailers are now announcing their fantastic prices and solutions, so why aren’t you?

Here are some tips for your Black Friday/Holiday’s strategy:

1.Remind your customers Black Friday is here!

We all know how time flies and how easily we get lost in it. But help your clients realize it’s time to start thinking on what should be the best Black Friday deal or the best gift to give. And what’s the best way for it? Email, of course! According to Forbes, email marketing was responsible for 27% of sales during Black Friday in 2014, and this number is expected to grow more this year. Guide your clients through your products, based on your target’s taste, gender or age. Show them (if you have) different category deals and use it as a compelling subject to your email. Use images and give examples of situations where your products would fit in.

You can see an example in this post by Campaign Monitor. And, of course, we don’t need to tell you that Emailbidding takes care of this as well, right?

2. Be social, not anxious

Aligned with your email strategy must be a social media’s strategy. It’s important to use your social channels to reach your ultimate goal, which is sales. However, don’t be too aggressive. We believe your products must be awesome and solve big humanity problems, but your consumers don’t. They believe more in each other experiences than with what your product promises. A great idea (if applicable to your business) is to get some testimonials: Bloggers, satisfied consumers, a good story always caughts more attention.

So, play alongside them, without pressuring, just like this Quickbook’s post suggests. Use hashtags if you have a twitter account, but don’t be too creative. Simply #blackfriday can put you on the map of your prospects’ shopping. Video is also a great source for social media strategy. Use storytelling to get to their hearts and finally to their wallets. (evil laughter)

3. Responsiveness 

Smartphones nowadays represent a new lifestyle. I mean it, we almost feel naked when we aren’t around them. And Google Trend’s Report 2016 says the same when it comes to shopping:  mobile in-store searches are up more than 30 percent, and 43 percent of mobile electronic purchases are made by customers looking at those products in-store.

This means you got to keep up the pace. Optimize your website for mobile devices and specially create a good user experience, preferably with no more than three clicks to complete the orders. Simplify all the processes, so that your clients can have good impression of your brand.

4. Have yourself a merry good copy

Aligned with all this tips is the copy. Costumers want to know everything. Don’t expect them to search products on your website or your return policy. You have to be straight to the point – opening hours, shipping information, what products are actually included (or not) during Black Friday or holidays, just like Hubspotblog suggests. Create attractive and informative landing pages, so that the workflow optimizes conversion. Having in mind the madness and competition during this time of the year,  you must build a trustworthy environment, otherwise you’ll give your heart and the very next day they’ll give it away. (bad joke, sorry)

That’s it! Four simple steps to enhance your awareness and survival instinct.

Have a holly jolly week!