The One KPI You’re NOT Measuring When Using Email Marketing

There’s much more revenue from your Email Marketing Campaigns than what it’s shown on your standard reports. You should take in consideration the right KPI. What? Wait a moment… Email Marketing is ALREADY one of the BIGGEST ROI channels you have. And there’s more data that I’m not collecting on my reports? Get out of […]

Mailing Lists | The 6 Biggest Threats of Buying Databases

Abandon all hope you who enter here looking for an easy solution by buying mailing lists. Creating an engaged audience takes time, effort and nurturing. Let us breakdown for you the 6 biggest threats in buying databases for your email marketing campaigns: LEGAL ISSUES Opt-in contacts are industry and legal standards for commercial emails. Basically, when a […]

Weekly Best Tips: Out-of-Office Reply for These Holidays

This is when everybody set up their Auto-Responder Message to Out-of-Office reply on their Business Email Account. If you’re still struggling to find out what to write on that blank space that could help you as a professional and your contacts to get through, then we’ve compiled several articles that will help you a lot… If after […]

Guide to Code Killer Responsive Emails

  Calling all Web Designers out there! We feel your pain. You have great taste, you know everything there is to know about coding with quality but… it takes time! And your boss will always think it will only take 5 minutes to change the kit. Trust us, you’re not the problem! Thinking about you, […]

Great Open metrics & Engagement, Poor Conversion Results. Why it’s Your Fault

As these words were being written, my mind just pulled me away to this: Having great open rates and CTR is the holy grail of Email Marketing, right? Reaching this is almost impossible for most marketers, so talking about conversion after that is a non issue for most of us. Great open metrics is the […]

Emailbidding is a Radio Star

Video didn’t kill the Radio Star! In fact, we joined them in the video below, so that you can hear us talking about our Email Marketing Revolution. You can hear Ricardo Martins Costa (previous Portugal Market Manager) on “Portugal Século XXI”, a radio program in Rádio Latina in Luxembourg dedicated to portuguese entrepreneurship. Since it […]

Mobile First… Why Bother? + Free Email Template

Can you do me a favour? It’s kind of easy, don’t worry. Just check your calendar and see what day it is? Check one information in particular: What year is it? There’s even a crazy good chance that you’ve checked the year using your smartphone, right? Do you even use a watch? I don’t mean […]

Weekly Best Tips: The Rebirth of Email Marketing & How to Use it to Help Your SEO

  One of the claims that drive our team is a pretentious but powerful one indeed: We’re the Email Marketing Revolution. Big call, right? Yes it is, but without big goals, you’re just scratching the surface. You’re not actually making a difference and that’s not on our DNA. That’s also why it’s so good to read […]

Emailbidding :: RENAULT RETAIL GROUP – Business Case

Emailbidding is changing email marketing! Because that we do so hand in hand with our best partners and their specific needs. Renault Retail Group challenged us to provide qualified traffic and we delivered more leads with less cost! But that was not all… We were the BEST PERFORMERS among all the client’s traffic sources.   […]