Mobile First… Why Bother? + Free Email Template

Can you do me a favour? It’s kind of easy, don’t worry. Just check your calendar and see what day it is? Check one information in particular: What year is it? There’s even a crazy good chance that you’ve checked the year using your smartphone, right? Do you even use a watch? I don’t mean […]

Weekly Best Tips: The Rebirth of Email Marketing & How to Use it to Help Your SEO

  One of the claims that drive our team is a pretentious but powerful one indeed: We’re the Email Marketing Revolution. Big call, right? Yes it is, but without big goals, you’re just scratching the surface. You’re not actually making a difference and that’s not on our DNA. That’s also why it’s so good to read […]

Emailbidding :: RENAULT RETAIL GROUP – Business Case

Emailbidding is changing email marketing! Because that we do so hand in hand with our best partners and their specific needs. Renault Retail Group challenged us to provide qualified traffic and we delivered more leads with less cost! But that was not all… We were the BEST PERFORMERS among all the client’s traffic sources.   […]

Are You Sure This Campaign is the Winner?

With almost certainty, you must know a guy that knows a guy who owns a “magic finger”. A finger that he waves at the wind and guess what Email Marketing Campaign is going to deliver and what it’s going to be a bust. [whispering on] Psst… are you there?… Ok, listen carefully: That guy doesn’t […]

5 Strategies to Dominate the Digital Marketing World

  It’s true, time flies. We nearly had time to analyse 2017, with all holiday’s craziness (that we hope you had too, in a good way). But don’t worry. Our team had an intense brainstorm session about marketing trends we should all be aware of, and on this post we’ll sum it up in 5 […]

Weekly Best Tips: It’s All About the GDPR

It’s already January 2018 and you still know nothing about the new EU GDPR reform??Most European Countries are already assuming these directives because if you don’t comply with these obligations, you’ll be liable for a lawsuit and fines that could possibly shut down your company for good. Was I scary enough? Good. Mission accomplished. These Weekly Best […]

We are Hiring!

Reliability Engineer (DevOps) We are Emailbidding, a spin-off from Adclick, part of Impacting Group. We were born to bring order to the chaos of e-mail marketing! We do that with data – we have handled 4.001.322.268 events and we are speeding up the pace! Join us if you dare! As a reliability engineer, you will […]

Weekly Best Tips: Recent Email Marketing Benchmarks & Innovation

  It has been awhile since our last post. Sorry about that, but we’ve been collecting a lot of good feedback from our latest article in which we covered what KPI you were missing from Email Marketing usual stats. That thrives us to keep providing great content for your Email Marketing growth. That’s what you’ll […]

Weekly Best Tips: Email Marketing Trends for 2017

In case you’ve been a bit distracted, we’re in plain 2017. A lot of things have changed since 2016. The USA have a new president, a lot of things have been in turmoil in Russia and there’s something called Brexit , whatever that is… All things you don’t need to care about. At least not […]