Video didn’t kill the Radio Star! In fact, we joined them in the video below, so that you can hear us talking about our Email Marketing Revolution. You can hear Ricardo Martins Costa (previous Portugal Market Manager) on “Portugal Século XXI”, a radio program in Rádio Latina in Luxembourg dedicated to portuguese entrepreneurship.

Since it is transmitted to portuguese communities in Luxembourg, the interview’s language is Portuguese. However, don’t worry, we sum it up for you!

The first main idea is that we are unique! Yes, it’s true! There’s no other marketplace for email marketing campaigns, specially with an algorithm with high segmentation criteria and non spam policy.

Another important thing Ricardo talks about is how our platform can be intuitive yet complete at the sime time. In a bunch of clicks, a campaign is ready to go to, with the right message, to the right consumer.

I could talk all day about Emailbidding, but Ricardo does it better! Check the interview on the video below:


Have a great week!