“The focus is not always on profitability. It can be offset by other metrics.”

Graduated in communication and multimedia technologies, Carolina Correia has been in digital marketing for the last ten years. Seven years ago, the focus on performance became a serious issue when she joined Adclick. Today the numbers speak for themself: over 25 million emails sent per month across 16 countries in permanent activity. On a day-to-day basis, Carolina relies on Emailbidding to keep everything under control.

How do you keep track of the metrics of 25 million emails per month?

Organizing them in tiers. There are general metrics I monitor every day: Open Rate, RPM and RPC. The last two help me find problems: when RPM goes down and RPC goes up, I know that I have a delivery problem; if the opposite happens, the problem is with the campaign.

Monthly I monitor detailed metrics: CTR, RPC and OR per kit. Thus, every month I keep the kits with the best performance and changing the worst ones, always with AB testing to go on comparing. The number of leads generated and, of course, the revenue are monitored with great attention.

How do you measure ROI on your campaigns?

In my case, it’s a campaign-country combination. I’m interested in the best performing campaigns in countries with good profitability – because I’m going to compare these values ​​with the prices for obtaining contacts in that country. I want to know if the combination pays enough for me to be worth investing in acquiring more leads.

What defines a successful campaign for you? What is your reference?

My reference is always the other campaigns running with the same list. If a campaign drops a lot in profitability in a given month, I compare it to its six-month track record (to throw off seasonality); if the steady drop is confirmed, the landing page or kit must be re-evaluated. It is, once again, a tiered process.

What is the biggest challenge for you when measuring ROI in email?

Measuring ROI is not difficult, keeping it high is the real challenge! It depends on the purpose of the email campaigns: in affiliation, either it converts or it doesn’t; in a newsletter, you have to value the visits, the community… Most of the time the focus is not on profitability, so the ROI will have to take into account the OR, CTR and unsubscribe. The newsletter may not earn you money directly, but whoever receives it will certainly convert to other campaigns or give the site a competitive commercial advantage.

If you had to choose just three metrics to measure your campaigns, what would they be?

OR, CTR and RPM. The Open Rate because it tells me if the campaign was in the inbox and if the subject was appealing; the CTR because it tells me if the kit is catchy for the recipient; and RPM because it tells me how profitable the campaign was.