It’s already January 2018 and you still know nothing about the new EU GDPR reform??
Most European Countries are already assuming these directives because if you don’t comply with these obligations, you’ll be liable for a lawsuit and fines that could possibly shut down your company for good.

Was I scary enough? Good. Mission accomplished.

These Weekly Best Tips will be all around this topic. Why? Because it matters for those handling Email Marketing or any kind of private data. Which means, almost every marketer alive.

One thing is for sure, if you use Emailbidding, we’ve got you covered. Our Permission Marketing rules and Publisher Agreements have been top of the line since the project’s conception, so we’ve been applying it from the start. But you must be aware of all implications on your end, as well to protect your brand and company from any fine or legal prejudice.

Top 10 operational impacts of the GDPR: Part 1 – data security and breach notification


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From what I’ve been searching the web on more information regarding this subject, IAPP is definitely on top of my list.

The law is extensive and filled with misconceptions. These articles separated in 10 friendly and explanatory pieces of content are really awesome to let you know a lot about what’s changed and what you need to be extra careful about. This is just one of them. You can see the others there as well.

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GDPR: What Europe’s New Privacy Law Means for Email Marketers


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To understand how this can impact Email Marketing in specific, Litmus approached several industry’s leaders to ask them on what ways this can affect those who use Email Marketing as a channel. Here’s their answers.

Yes, it’s simple as that. Just see what they have to say. It’s precious.

Let’s See What They Have to Say »

DMA: General Data Protection Regulation Repository

Original Image from DMA Source Article.

Original Image from DMA Source Article.

Every single article, webinar, FAQ’s, content of every kind, is related to GDPR. It’s  filled with useful information on this new regulation. This can also be a little overwhelming. It’s necessary a few weeks to digest all the data in there, but it’s worth it.

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You’re out of excuses?

Great. Now go on and apply these directives to your Marketing activity, to comply with the rules and play it safe as you should.

I hope this was useful for you.

Have a great week. 😉