Can you do me a favour? It’s kind of easy, don’t worry. Just check your calendar and see what day it is? Check one information in particular: What year is it?

There’s even a crazy good chance that you’ve checked the year using your smartphone, right? Do you even use a watch? I don’t mean wear a watch, do you use it? We’re using our smartphones in so much more occasions than ever before.

Maybe it’s why we are in the place and time for a MOBILE FIRST mindset. Don’t get me wrong: we should already been doing this for quite a few years, but the numbers weren’t available to back this decision up. Nowtheyare.

There are even businesses being launched with Mobile First at its core.

Mobile First is Intergenerational

Time and time again, when an executive comes to the administration claiming this mindset he/she’s sent away as someone that doesn’t have their priorities straight. But Mobile First is not the Future. It’s already outdated.

Something must have happened to make this change so real in so few years. It did.
The generation gap was gone. Every time a new trend or behaviour gets a significant part of the world’s population to become a commonplace or part of the status quo, usually takes quite a few more years to reach that level, since it needs the youth generation to grow and bring it to every field of a determined society. The Mobile trend was different and the reason is simple: Every single generation was immediately adopting it. From the small child using it to be distracted on a restaurant, to the senior old man on a retirement house to access the web and keep in touch with the family. Everyone’s using it.

So, why are you still not thinking in Mobile when designing your Email Marketing Campaign?
Even worse, why are you still placing links on your email marketing campaigns that end up on non-friendly mobile user interfaces?
Sorry for what I’m about to write, but… it’s just plain laziness.

You just don’t care about conversion rates, effectiveness and worse of all, about your potential customer. Am I being too rough on you?
Sorry, but I don’t think so.

Here are some of the potential reasons why you may be avoiding to make the necessary change:

Aversion to Change

This might be something that you, your team or even your direct responsible are suffering from. However, as in any business, the customer is the king. Don’t focus on you or your needs, focus on what they want. And they want to receive your message in the format they read and interact better. If you’re giving them trouble to conclude the process you engage them to, you’re not only missing leads or sales, you’re making him hate you in the process.

Try to sell to an angry customer. Something tells me that it’s much more difficult than to make them happy in the first place.

So, get uncomfortable and make the change before they change you.


You or your team don’t have the necessary knowledge to make the necessary changes on your template. This might be the biggest reason behind your struggle, right?
Well, let’s make it quick: b***s**t.
If that’s the case, you could always use some of these alternatives:

  1. Google it »
  2. Buy it »
  3. Build it »

If you’re not the one handling this directly, download our main HTML Training eBook (drop us an email to get yours) and pass it to those responsible for it. It’s all in there…
Heck, we even give you a FREE Email Template for you to build upon it. What else do you need?


Data wasn’t so clear to make you WANT to change. Hummm… how’s that chow you’re eating on your bunker all of these years? That’s the only reason for which you haven’t been able to get enough data in order to make you connect the dots and see that Mobile is not a trend. It’s a reality.


Well, for this there’s no cure. I’m sorry, you win! Keep doing the way you want. Let “making money” for others.

Stop! At this point I went back and read the all post again and realized that I’m being a bit too aggressive. Maybe even arrogant? Definitely. I should re-write everything and make it more constructive.


I’ll publish this way. It’s important for you to understand all the frustration around my words as I write them. I’m frustrated because I love Email Marketing as one of the best ways to reach your audience on a direct, personal and effective way. If done correctly is almost unmatched by any other digital channel. But people still go for the easy way, since, well… it’s easy.

What can you do about it? Use all of our tips and best practices, be informed, educate yourself and your team. That will provide a constant and always increasing flow of income because email isn’t going anywhere. It’s just in a revolution!