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Advertising Policy

Emailbidding has developed an e-mail marketing advertising platform, and its own algorithm which has the main goal to optimize e-mail sendings and maximize results in the e-mail marketing channel; Emailbidding’s technology determines the top performing micro-segments, sending the right campaign to the right subscriber and avoiding sending duplicated messages to the same subscriber.

The success of Emailbidding depends directly on the ability to satisfy all parts, including Advertisers, Publishers (companies that own databases with information of their users emails collected in opt-in compliance with applicable law) and subscribers (users contained in the Publishers databases that gave at the time of registration, the consent order to receive advertising campaigns). With this intention, Emailbidding defined a set of principles that aim to safeguard the best interests of all parties:

– We believe that Email Marketing Advertising, should create a positive experience for users. We develop a system with the ultimate goal of delivering the right message to the most receptive user, aiming to increase campaigns performance and enlarging subscribers lifecycle.
– The security of Advertisers, Publishers and Subscribers is a cornerstone of Emailbidding. A trustful relationship must be built between, Advertisers, Emailbidding, Publishers and other external parties. Advertisers must accomplish industry standards and Emailbidding rules, regarding advertising material. The widespread advertising must be accurate and truthful. The information provided by advertisers in their email marketing campaigns must be credible and true by fulfilling all applicable laws.
– The widespread publicity should be clear and transparent, easily identifying which service is being advertised. The violation of applicable law is the (solo) responsibility of the Advertiser.
– On the other hand, in order to be eligible as a Emailbidding Publisher; the Publisher’s data collection must be made through the “opt-in” method and shall grant explicit consent of the subscribers to receive third party advertising campaigns. Databases must be in complete accordance with the applicable legislation in each case (International, European and National laws), thus guaranteeing that subscribers are protected from potential damage associated with the activity of email marketing, such as phishing, virus, trojans, scams or other types of badware.

General Terms of Service

Wondeotec S.A. is the owner and manager of the advertising platform named “Emailbidding”; is present at Rua Alfredo Allen No. 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal. By using our platform the Advertiser is accepting the following terms. Please read them carefully.

By accepting using our platform, you agree to the terms and conditions, advertising policies and terms of vouchers usage. Emailbidding is designed to be used via the web interface available and the public API, to which the documentation is available from the platform.
The use of Emailbidding must always be made through these interfaces and according to provided instructions at the platform. Emailbidding cannot be used by any other methods other than the web interface and the public API. Any violation of this principle will suffice to cancel your account and take legal reason. Using Emailbidding grants no ownership over the intellectual rights or the content accessed, as described in the advertising policy. Emailbidding may examine advertising campaigns and determine whether it violates some industry rules, our policy or other rules. Using Emailbidding implies the Advertisers acceptance of a communication flow ( phone , fax , email or sms ) for alerts, notifications or other messages as presenting new features or services.
Emailbidding monitors and records traffic generated in the campaigns in accordance with the service provided by Emailbidding.
Emailbidding shall have the right to reference and refer its relationship with Advertisers for marketing and promotional purposes.
In case of conflict between the platform’s terms and conditions and an Advertiser agreement signed by both Emailbidding and the Advertiser, the Advertiser agreement shall prevail. Therefore, when accepting the platform’s terms and conditions, the Advertiser is accepting only the clauses that are not mentioned on the signed advertiser agreement.

Using your Emailbidding account
If you suspect your access keys to your account have been violated, please report immediately the event to Emailbidding team in order to take necessary actions to ensure the security of your account.

Managing campaigns
Emailbidding Advertiser’s can create e-mail marketing campaigns, defining an action schedule and budget.

– Define the amount of times the same subscribers receives a campaign.
– Define the target audience (gender, age, country/Region/City. Country/language, geo-targeting and interest may be available depending on the target country of your campaign).
– Based on the Bid Advisor tool, Advertiser’s are allowed to define a minimum or maximum CPC value. Only unique clicks, (tracked single clicks within 1 hour, in one campaign) are considered for payment.
– Define e-mail kit creativity (including From Name, Subject, e-mail body and plain text version)
– More advanced options are available such as Google Analytics Integration, Open Pixel Tracking, Conversion Tracking and also Suppression List (which allows you to define a set of e-mails you don’t want to be include in a determinate campaign).
Your campaign may be approved or rejected depending on the advertising policy defined above. After a campaign is approved, a first sample of e-mails is sent to obtain statistics that will show the campaign reception by the subscribers. Depending on its performance, the system and the bidding algorithm will define which subscribers will receive the next sending, always respecting the campaign’s targeting and definition. Advertiser’s can pause or stop a campaign at any time, after pausing there 20 days period for re-activation.

Bidding system
The potential audience an Advertiser may reach is calculated according to the following parameters: Bid Value, Campaign Category, Country and Selected Target, and will be presented in the Bid Advisor tool. After the first campaign day, the available audience will be redefined, based on the campaign performance against other campaigns running in the same category and the selected bid value. The combination of a better performing campaign with a higher bid value will guarantee more audience for that specific campaign.

Statistics and results
After a campaign is activated, statistics will appear in your dashboard. On the menu bar Advertiser’s may find general and detailed statistics for each campaign within the chosen time frame. The available metrics in general statistics section are: E-mail Sends, Opens, Clicks, Unique Clicks, CPC, Conversions and Campaign Cost. Detailed statistics will match the metrics above described alongside with campaign segments previously defined by the Advertiser. This match will be represented by dynamic graphics, for an innovative and more accurate analysis of each particular segment.

Account, billing and payment
In order to submit a campaign, Advertiser’s must fill in billing and contact information. It is mandatory that billing information, such as Company Name, Address and VAT, are submitted according to the company’s legal and financial standards. Advertisers must ensure that the information provided to Emailbidding is true and accurate, and are complied to immediately update, if any changes on the company or billing information occurs.
Advertisers will pay for each unique click generated through Emailbidding Advertising Platform. The monthly campaigns cost is available on the billing area. This value may be subjected to a few minutes delay.
Due to the nature of email marketing campaigns, (depending on the recipient behavior, one e-mail might be sent in one month and only opened and clicked in the following month) the amount of clicks invoiced are related to the clicks generated in that specific month. Once the campaign’s defined time frame ends, all further clicks generated within the next 30 will also be invoiced.
The invoices will be issued and sent by e-mail to the Advertisers in the first days of the following month. Payment shall be remitted to Emailbidding within 10 days from invoice date by wire transfer to the bank account displayed in the invoice. Campaigns might be temporary suspended if the payment is not received within the defined period by Emailbidding.
All values presented in the platform do not include VAT tax.

Emailbidding will always try to improve its platform with new features and improvements in operating speed due to this actions, the platform may be unavailable for certain periods of time. We aim to reduce this maximum periods and minimize the impact that it may have for users.
The Emailbidding, or its distributors, do not make any assumptions about the level of functionality, reliability or availability of the service. The Advertising Platform is provided “as is”. Emailbidding shall not be liable for any loss of revenue, profits, data, financial loss or legal action or direct or indirect fines.

Changing conditions
About Terms of Use, advertising policies and terms of use of vouchers:

Emailbidding may modify or add conditions of use at any time. The users should regularly review the terms in the platform. Whenever significant changes occur, Emailbidding will notify Advertisers by email, about the update on the terms and conditions. If you disagree with the changes of the terms, you should stop using the platform immediately, and report to your Account Manager.

Account Closure
The Advertiser may suspend the use of the platform at any time, without prior notice. The effects will count 24 hours after the confirmation. This process should be done through “normal ” means of communication. Ex: E-mail/telephone. The effects of suspension apply to the advertising activity (sending emails) after the deadline indicated above. Therefore, any subsequent actions that happened after the suspension confirmation, but related with advertising actions performed prior to the suspension, will be counted for the purposes of billing.
In case of fraud or misusage of the platform the account will be suspended until regular activity takes place. If proven that there was fraud or misusage of the platform the account will be permanently closed, however any subsequent actions that happened during the temporary suspension or after the definitive closure will be counted for the purposes of billing.

Case of dispute
For any case of dispute, Advertisers agree to settle any/all dispute(s) under this agreement via Tribunal Judicial do Porto in Porto city, Portugal.

Terms of Service for Vouchers and Deals

The voucher will allow the sent of about 5000 emails, after that release the platform decides to continue sending according to a set of rules and algorithms that benefit campaigns whose success with subscribers is high and the amount paid per click (bid) is more high.
The following conditions apply for the vouchers distributed by Emailbidding, companies are eligible for promotional credit if:

– Are new to Emailbidding or have an account with less than 14 days.
– Is already an existing customer and obtained a voucher on an event sponsored by Emailbidding.
– It may be required to accumulate a minimum amount of advertising expenses in other to give approval of a promotional credit.
– The promotional credit is non-transferable and cannot be sold or bartered. Offer may be revoked at any time for any reason by Emailbidding. Advertisers are responsible for paying any taxes due.
– The use of the voucher may be restricted to pre payment option.
– If the Advertiser account is created with a currency other than the currency in which your promotional credit has been granted, the actual credit amount may be subject to foreign currency fluctuations.
– Advertisers can suspend their ads at anytime, if they do not wish to be charged for additional advertising spending.
– Advertisers will not be notified once the promotional credit has been exhausted.
– Voucher offer is subject to campaign approval, valid company registration and acceptance of the terms and conditions of Emailbidding.
– Offer expires within 1 month after the issue or if the voucher states an expiration date.
– Activating this voucher requires the full completion of customer data form that you will be requested in the web application. The use of this voucher does not guarantee that you can get clicks, due to characteristics such as the quality of your campaign and lack of competitiveness with other campaigns.
– Campaigns that exceeds the promotional credit will be charged to advertisers.
– The voucher value can only be discounted on unique clicks.

Wondeotec, S.A.

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