There’s much more revenue from your Email Marketing Campaigns than what it’s shown on your standard reports. You should take in consideration the right KPI.

What? Wait a moment… Email Marketing is ALREADY one of the BIGGEST ROI channels you have. And there’s more data that I’m not collecting on my reports? Get out of here!!

Don’t get so stressed out about it. Almost no one is getting this, anyway. You’re just one of many. 😉

Email Marketing is claimed to assure an average ROI of 112%. Amazing. Tell me another digital channel with this kind of numbers. It will be really hard.

But this is what you usually measure through your digital tracking funnel. There’s something that it’s also driving revenue to your business through Email Marketing but unfortunately, you’re not covering on your Campaign Report since it’s kind of hard to keep track of it.

KPI : Let’s start with the basics

Before we get into what it is, first you need to think about one metric that’s hugely important: Email Marketing Mobile Views. What’re your mobile open rates? What’s your mobile CTR? Now, compare it to the same KPI’s from one year ago, or two years ago. See a shift over there? That’s the one thing that has more drastically changed on Email Marketing for ages. It’s also the one thing you can notice a hugely visually chart trend through several years.

A quick shout-out in case you’re still wondering: It will keep growing like hell. But we’ve already mentioned the importance of having a Mobile Email Marketing adaptive design and so on in previous articles. I’m not going to dig further on this.

What do you and so many professionals are not accounting is what this trend means to conversions as well. If you check the conversions you have from desktop users and mobile users you’ll see that desktop accounts (for) more ROI. So, naturally, you would say that Mobile is going to mess with your ROI and you’re right… if you don’t measure according to this environment, medium, interface.

Remember this, you’re sending an email to a mobile user. They’ve got a smartphone on their hands. Usually, they’re not placed down in front of a huge screen. They’re on the move. They’re walking, commuting, without access to a lot of information and better yet: they’re on a mobile data plan. So, they check your email, see if it’s important, keep it for later (or trash it) and engage on another interface later on (if you’re lucky).

If you’re sending these people to a mobile friendly landing page is half way to get more conversions. But there’s something that people also do when they’re on the move and on a mobile device even though you’re not measuring it.

So What’s that KPI I’m Missing Out?


Remember why these devices were made in the first place? They were made to call other people. The second word after “smart” is “phone”. And people actually use it.
Not as much as before, but they’re still using it if it’s convenient for them.

Let’s imagine you’re sending an Email Marketing campaign on how you’ve sold a great apartment in a trendy area to your client, making him the happiest new homeowner in the face of the Earth. If people are interested in that goal and looking for a new real estate they want you to help them get it.

You already made a beautiful mobile landing page and so on, with a form and everything to collect a lead immediately, but they’re walking and bumping around while texting. It’s way easier for them to place the thumb on your phone number (if it’s correctly formatted) and an option pops up: Call this number? If they click yes, you’re on a direct line speaking to a potential new listing for a moment.

In some cases and with high lists volume you may consider hiring a call center or something like that, but it’s prime time to new leads just because you’ve sent an email newsletter.

The problem is… how do you measure this attribute within a conversion funnel to a specific email campaign?

There are several ways to measure this. None of them are 100% accurate, but at least you can designate more data than you have now. So, it’s always a plus. 😉

You can check 3 ways to do that here. Great article by Gina Botti where you can use simple strategies to track at least a glimpse of what you’re provoking with your Email Marketing actions.

Also, if you need an idea about how important mobile calls will be for businesses, just get this data from BIA/Kelsey’s latest research. Round numbers? Around 168 Billion Mobile phone calls to Businesses by 2019. Are you prepared for that?

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you have something to add or share, call us 😉

Have a nice week!