One of the claims that drive our team is a pretentious but powerful one indeed: We’re the Email Marketing Revolution.

Big call, right? Yes it is, but without big goals, you’re just scratching the surface. You’re not actually making a difference and that’s not on our DNA.

That’s also why it’s so good to read things like the ones we curated for you bellow. Not only we’re at the tipping point of the Email Marketing Rebirth, but its also a great complement for other areas of Digital Marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Trust, Value And Technology Will Drive The Rebirth Of B2B Email Marketing

Email Marketing Data

Source Image from the Email Marketing Data Study by LRG Marketing


This is the claim of Diana Wolff, President of LRG Marketing when she published their Email Marketing Data Study at the Forbes Magazine here. On this report kindly shared by Diana, even though we’ve never had so much “noise” and overflow of spam and information, it’s also a virtue, since brands can take advantage of that and become a beacon of “Trustworthy Information”. More so, she has defined a few big motives for the Rebirth of B2B Email Marketing as we know it: Inbound Marketing, the Mobile Revolution, Automation and the ironic Information Overload.

Bottom line is: Email Marketing is Alive and Well. You just need to do it right. Tweet: Bottom line is: Email Marketing is Alive and Well. You just need to do it right. @emailbidding

How To Use Email Marketing To Boost Your SEO

Email Marketing to Boost SEO

Image Source by Pexels, originated by Forbes Article.


Let me tell you a little secret: … – hushing voice – This is not new – end hushing voice –… however most marketers still are unaware about this benefit from Email Marketing. Like Jayson DeMers so well point it, SEO are based in two main components which is on-site and off-site optimization.

On your site, we strongly recommend you hire a good SEO consultant or as an in-house permanent position. Trust me, it’s worth it. As in Off-site Strategies, you should have inbound links which can drive more “juice” into your reputation score. And guess what: Email Marketing is one the great tools to do exactly that. As Jayson describes it so well, you should have the necessary precautions and run a perfectly designed Email Marketing campaign. But if you do… well, enjoy the return of your investment multiplied by all the benefits inherent to to this channel and then some.

The Email Marketing Conversion That Needs to Be Recognized

Email Marketing Conversion

Snapshot from Original Article at Business 2 Community


Yes, there’s still more benefits not accounted for. One of those benefits it’s when you’re using the entire features when at mobile. Email is a great conversion tool when at mobile, which on this other article we’ve mentioned it was one of the main risks. Here, Gina Botti makes it clear where you can optimize it to maximum performance when targeting mobile audience.

And the number one feature not really used so well is phone calls. Drive more phone calls directly to you using Email Marketing. It’s so easy, yet so not used at all. Check these awesome tips by Gina. You won’t regret it at all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed another stream of articles well designed to bring you more value. It’s our main purpose. Have a great day ahead!