“I must say, it’s better than Dublin”, says an article from The Irish Times. That’s the main idea we got from our daily reading about Web Summit in Lisbon, and we’re not surprised! That’s right, the best technology and entrepeneurship event is live, and we’re hosting it!

The organisation expects 50 000 attendees and a wide range ok speaker, so that you can attend what best suits your taste and interests. From Joseph Gordon Levitt,talking about his digital music business, from ex-football player Luís Figo talking about his foundation for kids in need, you can relate to every event’s talk.

Now, you’re asking “yeah, they’re writing about it, but are they going to be there?” Of course we’ll be there! We didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so if you’re going as well, you can finally meet Emailbidding‘s pretty faces’ team, our email marketing revolution and the amazing offers we got for you. But we’re not the ones participating from Impacting Group. Smarkio is going to be there tomorrow (9th November) with a stand as a Start company.

You can also stop by to know more about Impacting Group’s recent project: Impacting Digital, a new company designed to think about digital transformation as a whole. Impacting Digital is going to attend the event through ScaleUp Porto, a local initiave that promotes international networking for starting companies.You can read more about our presence in Observador’s article, although it is written in portuguese.

So, should I number more reasons for you to go?  Come and meet us, we’re more than glad to answer all your questions.

Have a great week!