Photo: Web Summit (C)

Lisbon lived four intense days during the Web Summit on Meo Arena. Network and investments were the main words describing the event. For our team, it was also a great opportunity to know more about future trends and how we can embrace them to enrich our emaill marketing revolution.

Oh come on, why don’t you get to the point and tell us what you learned there? , you must be thinking. Of course we’ll tell you, check it out:

Virtual Reality and Marketing Automation – “The Trends”

One of the most frequent situations that we could see on Web Summit were people wearing those awesome virtual reality glasses, exploring all the possibilities it could give. From gaming to communication companies, all attendees could see the potential, although in a primary state.

David Marcus, responsible for Facebook’s messaging, introduced another important subject on the Web Summit – chatbots. The main goal, according to Marcus, is to have customized virtual assistants for every company, through messaging, a model where every company has its own call centre by messaging, cutting off telephones and email. Sounds good, right? Where do we sign in?

Artificial Intelligence without borders

It is a current subject for everyone in the IT area. However, there were some major improvements shown on the Web Summit. One of them is Sophia, a robot developed by Ben Goertzel that can talk, think and interact like a human. Goertzel explained how AI is goig to help in our future, not only in terms of healthcare and services, but in political and economical matters. He also vannished all those fears related to human vs robots. The main purpose is to complement human tasks and not substitute them. In an impressive and natural way, Sophia could also tell jokes. I feared for my blog’s life.

Gary Vaynerchuk being Gary Vaynerchuck

We don’t want to be judgemental, but Gary Vaynerchuck rocked it at the Web Summit! With his peculiar charisma and sense of humour, he taught us how the times we’re living are great to be entrepeneurs and human. Gary highlighted the importance of self-awareness. It doesn’t matter if we’re entrepeneurs or not, the main thing is to have conscience of who we are and how we can contribute to the company we’re working in. Times are changing…Even time is changing, so Gary left a tip: don’t mess up with your client’s time!

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