Another awesome week has passed and we’re getting even closer to the most busy moment in the year for Marketing. This is due to several special occasions that are prime for shopping and brand activity, but also because most of the decision makers are coming from vacation time.

Some of the Marketing budgets aligned for this year have been kept for some opportunity or unforeseen spending in crisis management or something like that. Now, it’s time to invest that budget and burn the last resources into best converting tactics. Get the best ROI from your Marketing budgets.

(Now would be the perfect timing to talk about Emailbidding and its benefits to your ROI, but don’t just take our word for it)

Guessing you’re in a post-vacation-catching-all-up mode, check some of the best articles we’ve curated for you:

Sir Martin Sorrell makes bold and hard statements regarding investing in Digital Marketing

Marketing Week

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Wait. Don’t go crazy over here. What he has been referring to is how some of the Digital Marketing channels and strategies are being measured and how it’s affecting some brand’s budgets, since some have been cutting their budgets and investment in some channels. Curiously or not, Email Marketing is not mentioned on these statements. Why? Because, when its well done and measured, there’s nothing more accurate and personalized than a Email Marketing campaign.

You need to carefully study where to invest wisely and avoid following trends just for the sake of it.

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CoSchedule teaches you to have a 140% increase on your Email List using simple ideas


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CoSchedule Blog has been a great resource for sharing knowledge and best practices in several Digital Marketing conversion strategies. This time, they have found 21+ Ways to increase your Email List on over 140%. Seems awesome, right? Actually, most of it are common sense or it should even be plain simple for a Marketing Professional. However, most of the times, brands still suck at implementing these simple and effective conversion techniques to grow their email list.

Well, you have no excuses. Check the list here »

Email’s Not Dead

Email is not Dead
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Yeah, almost every week we see an article like this. But we need to reinforce this statement over and over again, until everyone is well aware of the fact that Email is more alive than ever. If you try Emailbidding Email Marketing Marketplace you’ll be surprised on the huge open-rate and CTR we achieve on most campaigns. (I had to say it…facts speak for themselves). That’s because we’re revolutionizing this channel. On this article, Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt shares his experience on how Email has been doing an incredible work to engage his audience to Product Hunt.

Check it out here »

And that’s it for today. I hope this is a good and useful source for you. We learn a lot with these articles, I hope the same happens to you too.

If you have interesting articles to share as well, just get in touch! We are always learning and improving.

Have a great weekend.