If you never heard the term Growth Hacking before, you might think it’s some new fancy word saying: grow your business the smart way, which means using more profitable tools and making use of all the viral/social/internal/resource efficient strategies out there.

And… you’re right!

This is much more complex than any explanation I could place in just one paragraph. That’s one reason for a complete Wikipedia page related to the subject. There’s also a lot of confusion on what may or may not enter into this category. Since it has become a buzzword, everyone is coining it to their purposes and goals.

However, email has always been one of the key tools and strategies for every Growth Hacking plan. Why? Because it’s one of the most important channels with premium one-to-one interaction. And… it’s seamless through any connected device. Heck, you can print across a globe through a simple email message.

To help you get some of the advantages of Email Marketing Growth Hacking, this is a complete series of Weekly Best Tips all dedicated to these strategies.

Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017 recap

Growth Hacking

Image capture of Neil Patel’s virtual conference original

Excellent work by Samantha Ferguson on recapping the most useful information from Neil Patel‘s virtual Conference: Growth Hacking Secrets for 2017.

On this very complete article by Samantha at Campaign Monitor’s blog, you can have a complete roundup of Neil and his partners’ suggestions on how to leverage our communication using the tools at our disposal. And guess what? Email Marketing is a key feature.

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15 Truly Awesome Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Original Image from Source Article at Vero

This article it’s a bit old, but so it’s Email Marketing. So, it still makes sense to use these suggestions by Vero. Actually, most of these strategies are not followed by brands when reaching out their subscribers today. So, you need to seriously catch up.

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4 Must-Have Email Growth Hacks You Aren’t Using

Email Growth Hacking

Original image from Growth Hacking Pro article.

Again, this is considered an old article, but still very much updated. This should be considered a challenge for you. Apply one of these suggestions and let’s see how it performs on your business.

You’ll be surprised.

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Learn how to combine growth hacking, email marketing and content marketing

Growth Hacking & Email Marketing

Image Credits: originally from EmailManager Blog Article.

Interested in how to aggregate everything in one big strategy Plan to thrive your communication? Well, this is a very interesting article by Emailmanager in order to combine growth hacking, email marketing and content marketing. Awesome stuff.

Give it a try. You won’t be sorry!

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