We’re on a Mobile Age, where most of Email Users check their inboxes on a Smartphone and then use desktop experience if needed. So, besides the need for a Mobile Friendly Email Design, you should also pay attention to some details that can represent a massive increase on your bottom line results.

When we talk about Pre-Header on a Email, most marketers still wave their eyebrow as if we said something rude. To simplify things as usual, we created some visual helpers within Emailbidding Marketplace, like this one:


Pretty obvious now, right? Then, why are you still using those tedious “if you’re having trouble reading this email, please click here” sentences on this valuable visual real-estate? You can and should keep those messages, but having a great Pre-Header to work as a Sub-Headline for the Subject Line is vital for a major increase on your open-rate. Think of it as a powerful CTA.

5 Email Pre-header Tips that Boost Open Rates

5 Email Pre-Header Tips to Boost Open Rates

Photo Source: PracticalEcommerce Article by Carolyn Nye


To help you on this job, we’ve used this useful article by Carolyn Nye at Practical Ecommerce. Within this Article, Carolyn shares 5 tips to help you achieve better Open Rates. I think that’s pretty awesome, do you agree?

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Programmatic and RTB: do you know the difference?

Differences between Programmatic and RTB

Photo Source: BannerConnect Article by Jess Thompson

There’s still a lack of knowledge about these Terms like Programmatic and RTB. I assure you, it’s not a Robot from Star Wars.

In this Article, Jess Thompson shares her knowledge on how these terms differ and what they really mean. To better understand Emailbidding as well, this is handy. Trust me.

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