It has been awhile since our last post. Sorry about that, but we’ve been collecting a lot of good feedback from our latest article in which we covered what KPI you were missing from Email Marketing usual stats. That thrives us to keep providing great content for your Email Marketing growth.

That’s what you’ll see in this week’s article which will focus on the recent benchmark stats from Experian study and more…

Email Marketing Benchmarks: 4Q16 Average Open, Click, and Bounce Rates

Year-over-Year Experian

Original Image Sourced from MarketingProfs article


Quite recently, at MarketingProfs, Ayaz Nanji covered a study conducted by Experian to represent the updated Email Marketing Benchmark 2016 4th Quarter.

What stands out from this study?

  • 14% Email Marketing volume rose from the same 4Q period 2015 to 2016.
  • 56% of Total Email Opens occurred on smartphones or tablets in 4Q16.
  • Average Transaction to Click Rate increased 10% from the same period.
  • Revenue per Email just increased by 23,9%.
Q416 Stats

           Original Study from Experian


On the not so good news side. the bounces have increased as well from 1.9% to 2.5% which is a bit alarming. Also, total CTR and unique CTR have decreased a bit. This can be quickly solved with engaging and relevant information for the users. This happens when you don’t care about what they want and send what YOU want. In short, respect their interest in order to have better results. Seems simple.

You can check the resume at MarketingProfs here and the original study download here. I hope it helps you.

Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation

Email Marketing Innovation

Original Image Sourced from MarketingLand


At this article, Jason Warnock explores how marketers will invest in innovative tactics and technologies. However, what we can extract from the study and surveys done to marketers in the industry is that they prefer to innovate on reliable channels like email rather than other media less mature.

It’s common sense.

Email Marketing has been proven time and time again that it’s alive and well. The metrics have been steady and it has still the best ROI in the industry. So, why not to use it to innovate and try new things using email?

“Sixty-eight percent of surveyed marketers said that they will invest additional attention and resources to email in 2017.” – Jason Warnock

Here’s a little roundup about the major tactics and technology they’re focusing for 2017:

  • Dynamic Offers: Makes sense, instead of just static offers and make use of dynamic content, depending on user triggers.
  • User Generated Content: Risky, yet absolutely crucial in order to build trustworthy communication with their audience.
  • Beacons or Triggers: Depending on trigger activation, specially prepared messages can be sent to customers or potential customers depending on their purchase flow.

So much more can be done using Email Marketing. Just check Emailbidding features. 😉