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The Holy Graal of Deliverability

Holy Graal of Deliverability

Ever since we entered in a world where people’s opinion matters… – get the humor here?? – and by that I mean that ESP’s (Email Service Providers) started to care about what their users wanted to receive on the inbox and what they considered spam, every email marketer crave for the Holy Graal of reaching their inboxes.  Well, I’m going to give you the recipe to do just that: Send Relevant and Value Added Content to your Audience.

If you do this on a regular basis, not only your subscribers will be delighted to receive it, but the ESP’s like Gmail, Outlook or any other will be more than welcome to let you get their inbox golden gate since they notice what people love or not.

Easier to say than done, right? I hear you… To help on the strategy, let me introduce you to an excellent article by a sort of a guru on the area: Dela Quist.

In this article, Dela speaks about how to achieve Deliverability, Engagement and a twist on the Theory of Email Marketing. Sounds good?

Check everything here »

Email Marketing Fatigue? Yeah, right…

Email Marketing Fatigue?

Before you go berserk and spread the word about Email Marketing Fatigue just because you haven’t read the small print, wait just a second.

Here’s a few takes done by Kristina Knight on her article related to the brand new Sendgrid’s Global Email Benchmark Report:

While sending too many emails is never a good idea, even for the best lists around, high send rates in certain categories are not slowing the click or open rates. That is one key takeaway from the new SendGrid 2016 Global Email Benchmark report. The report authors found that the average send rate per month is 9.8; in that average, unique open rates are standing at 14% and open rates at just over 27%. Click rates remain in the 1.9% to 3% ranges.

And this is for internal subscriber databases. You would be surprised with Emailbidding’s average on Publisher’s databases rates. Just try it »

However, the article mentions one segment with a little sign of fatigue:

The main exception to this trend is in eCommerce. According to the data eCommerce shows a monthly send rate of 18.3 with a 4% CTR; both numbers may be indicative of email fatigue.

If you’re not doing this right, talk to our advisers into reaching new customers to your e-commerce websites. We’ll help you to get more clients with metrics you won’t believe.

All of the data and information you can find it here »

The Email Marketing Enigma Solver


Originally shared at Forbes with credits by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

I really don’t know how, but Steve Olenski really take a nice approach into what stands as a real enigma for Email Marketing today.

Part of the Enigma explained in this statement:

On one hand, open rates for emails sent in 1Q 2016 were the highest (33.3%)  they’ve been over the previous eight quarters. Conversely, the non-bounce rates were the lowest they’ve been in two years, implying, as the report states, fewer emails were finding their way to recipients on average. So deliverability issues are at play.

But as Steve just shared, this graphic really illustrates what the Enigma is all about:

Email Marketing Enigma

Source: “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility” – eMarketer

What does this tells you?

First, that Mobile Email viewers are at all time high and it will be even higher. On the other side, conversions don’t work that much when viewing through a mobile device.

Here’s a few reasons for that happen:

Email Marketing Enigma

Source: “Email Marketing Benchmarks 2016: Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility” – eMarketer

Bottom line is that emails should be designed to work well on any device – desktop or mobile. And if you want to convert, you really must have a mobile-friendly website or Landing-Page.

If you want to know more, just check Steve’s post here »

And with this enigma’s unveiled I’m finished with this week’s tips. I hope they’ll improve your strategy or at least grow your curiosity about email marketing.

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