This is not clickbait. At least it was not with that intent.

This week, we collected a series of posts basically mentioning the same thing. Social Media is dithering and Email Marketing is “still” kicking ass.

However, we can still be friends. What I mean is: Email and Social can and should be best friends. Hold hands. Go to parties together. This is what these selected articles also mention.

But I won’t keep you waiting. Let’s sum them up right here:

Social Media Content is Dying. Email is rising.

Social Media is Dying and Email Marketing is Rising

Image sourced from the Original Article at Brandon Whalen’s LinkedIn Post

Harsh words to state this, but this is something that Brandon Whalen has been experienced from his clientele. There’s a clear shift from Social Media into Email Marketing from 2016 to 2017 and some of the reasons Brandon pointed out are the losing faith in what people see on their timelines. Fake news, crappy video re-posts and so on have crippled the way people consumed this content. Networks like Twitter are losing active users and his experience with Sponsored Posts it’s not that good either.

So people are turning to email. Why? According to Brandon (which I also agree), Email is a much better tool to curate what’s relevant and what’s not than a social media timeline or feed.

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Why integrated campaigns should always include email marketing

Integrated Campaigns

Image sourced from Original Article at Campaign Monitor’s Blog.

Again, Numbers don’t lie. Email delivers highest ROI of all channels. Period.

But if something works, it can even work better when we use it on a omnichannel strategy and integrate it with the other strategies we’re developing. One can be awesome, but together can be even greater. If you check this article from Samantha Ferguson at Campaign Monitor, if you’re doing integrated campaigns, then Email Marketing is absolutely vital to get the results you’re aiming for.

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Email Smashes Social, Again, As Buy Buttons Fail And Inboxes Deliver

Email Smashes Social Again

Screenshot from Original article at Mediapost Blog

Poor, poor social media. Is getting a beating this week from these articles, but it’s all good to grow on a sustainable pace.

If you recall, everyone were talking about the great new feature from social media platforms (really?) which were the “buy” buttons. Everyone got excited because it would be the way to get everyone on a buying spree using these plataforms. But numbers again reflect differently. People are not that interested on buying when they’re on social platforms. According to Sean Hargrave from Mediapost, email is still the main channel to conduct a conversation from point of interest into a buying decision and conversion.

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Bottom line, social has received a well deserved spanking for creating expectations beyond what it could deliver, but it’s still a great way to engage and cross-channel with Email Marketing. But at the end of day, the channel that consistently keeps delivering the “food on the table” is the good old Email Marketing. Maybe you should try it as well with Emailbidding.

Have a nice weekend!