Yes, you’re completely right. I give it to you… we should have had a blog since the very first day. A place where to explore all of our iterations, frustrations, joys, wins, losses… well as it has become usual around the web.

But Emailbidding is not usual, it’s the Email Marketing Revolution and we ‪#‎WeHaveNoPredators‬ as you know. So, why should we do as everyone does?


We decided to launch this Blog a little differently for the rest of the WWW. We wanted to be our own Why, What, Wow kind of way. Too much on the W’s? Got it.

So, Why?

It makes more sense than ever to have a new channel to be in touch with you on a different way. You already know about our other channels like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn, right? They work really great to interact with you through real time feedback and news. But it’s not the right medium to deliver knowledge and powerful insights that you can actually use on real life.

We’ve been building the only Permission Email Marketing Marketplace in the World for quite some time now and it’s awesome to see how much we’ve accomplished. From a powerful and intelligent advertising platform to a real bridge between Publishers and Advertisers around the World. What has become clear to us during this time is that even though Email Marketing has been with us even before this century, people still do it very poorly.

Don’t get me wrong. In order to solve Email Marketing’s biggest problems, we’ve built Emailbidding as a smart tool which covers most of the solutions to recover from a very bad image. Just to name a few, when a subscriber receives an email is completely clear who’s the sender, the Publisher to whom he or she have subscribed to and our proprietary algorithm also knows when it’s the best time and day to send THAT message to THAT subscriber. However, in order to really take advantage of this great direct relationship channel, you should have more insights and best practices to convert more.


So, What?

It’s time to discuss the What… What are we going to publish here?

Again, we’re not the ordinary brand focused on delivering cute, beautiful content that only serves our purposes and business objectives. “Yeah, right!” – You might say…

Let you be the judge of that on the future content published at this space. Our main goals with this blog are simple yet important: we aim to provide all the necessary know-how and tools to convert better with and from Email Marketing. That’s it!

If that’s something you’re interested in, then follow our blog on a regular basis or to make it easier for you in order to be always updated, just subscribe to our newsletter here [place link to open newsletter].

What kind of content can you expect from Emailbidding Blog?

Mainly it will be full explanatory content, rich in how-to’s and hands on material which you can use from day one. The format is not restricted. From videos, tutorials, step-by-step and educational content. Again, what matters is that must be useful for you in order to make the most revenue from your investment in email and digital marketing. With that in mind, you’ll be blown away with the tons of sharing prepared for you in the next few days. I hope you’re ready.

But that’s why we launched this Blog. This useful content will be here as a repository for you to access and use it whenever you need it.

So, Who …

Ups, I didn’t expect to reach this point so fast… so this means that we need to wow you somehow. Humm… so how about I share a video like this?

Not what you were expecting? Ok, let me give a new try with a help of our friends EmailMonks:

(implement this infographic )

Really cool, right? A complete demonstration of how to leverage email as a tool for e-commerce cart abandonment. But let’s not end there. Maybe you haven’t seen yet, but we’ve got a case study of Renault Retail Group where they ended up with almost 11% more of conversion on test-drives and more 10% on CTR. It’s all right here for you the check it out. Don’t miss out the interview as well.

In fact, the wow factor will be present in every new piece of content we’ll share with you in the future. If it isn’t interesting we’ll not publish it.

So stay tuned and let us know what you think. What should we focus on the next articles? On what particular topic you need more information? We aim to be useful. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time.