The Suppression List feature can be used in order to define a set of email addresses you don’t want to send this campaign to, such as your existing customers.

There are two ways to upload the suppression list on Emailbidding:

  1. If your suppression list has no more than 200.000 email addresses, you can upload it directly on the platform while setting up the campaign, under menu “Options”. Once the campaign is submitted, the file  will be automatically processed into the database to be excluded by algorithm.

Step 1: Go to menu “Options”.

Step 2: Drop your file or click to browse.

The file must be in .csv, .xls or .txt format. It must have one email address per line. The email addresses can be encrypted with “MD5“.

2. On Emailbidding’s SFTP, you will have an exclusive cloud space available where you can put your suppression lists. An operator then will manually pick up the file and process it into the database to be excluded by algorithm once the campaign starts.

Step 1: Request a username and password by sending an email to or by contacting your Emailbidding Account Manager. You should indicate the campaign name.

Step 2: Fill the following fields: Host:, Port: 22122, User and Password.