The Warming-Up stage is the first stage of your campaign. Your campaign is active and running but limited to a certain volume of emails during the first 2 to 3 days (the days and volume depends on the country where the campaign is running).

This happens for two reasons:

1. The first one is to assure to the Advertiser that if the campaign has any problem, there is a 2 to 3-days period to correct it without a large volume already been sent.

2. The second reason is to test the subscribers’ behaviour, sending it to selected subscribers and allowing the algorithm to make an accurate selection of the micro-segments that are more interested in your message. This assures that when the campaign is running full speed, the emails sent will be focused only on the segments of subscribers that have shown more interest, allowing it to increase click rate, open rate and also conversions.

Thus, the warm-up period will maximize the campaign’s performance and give you a higher delivery quality.

Tip: Check the Detailed Statistics to see the the open and click rates by gender, location and age. This can help you to achieve a more accurate segmentation and a better understanding of the audience interested in your campaign.