To have a full view of your campaign statistics you can either select to see the information organized by send date or event date. So you can choose to see what is more important to you!

Statistics saves all the campaign’s information that is useful to analyze the its performance and daily cost.

When Send Date is selected, the events are shown according to the day in which the email has been sent, no matter if they happened on a different day or not. This option is very useful to monitor the campaign performance according to the date the emails have been sent.

When Event Date is selected, the events are shown according to the day they have occurred. This option is very useful to monitor the costs of your campaign.


Tip: We recommend you to use the options on the left to select the different filters you want to apply (like filter per day, campaign or country).

To see more about statistics and rates check: “Boosting My Campaign Performance” or “Boosting My Campaign Conversion